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Friday, November 27, 2009

K's Birthday comes again

updated 7/8 at 1:30 am.

Ugh. I'm turning 25 next week, the 10th, and it's not that I hate getting older, its just that I haven't accomplished anything that I had planned on by the time I got to the quarter-century mark.

So, I've decided I'm turning 24 for the second time and I'm going to celebrate by getting a bunch of free stuff! (What better way?)

I've been signing up for clubs, loyalty programs, email enrollments and you name it for a few months now and we're going to see what happens. There are a lot of bloggers who have complied lists that will tell you where to go, what to do and what you'll get, but I'm going to post here (and update as the day gets closer) as to what really pans out.

(One of the best - and most frequently updated - lists out there can be found over at Hey It's Free. I literally signed up for ever offer that is available in the Dallas/Fort Worth area so we'll see what works out!)

(Dates in parenthesise = when I received said offer. I'm telling you that so you'll know when to look for your freebies!)

((Ps - you may need to have a lot of friends to collect on a lot of these as there are a lot of bogo's or certain amounts to spend - or just make sure you have have a lot of freezer space.)

Ready? Go!


~Academy Sports and Outdoors - Try reading that and not singing the rest of the jingle. Sign up and get a FREE $5 gift card for your bday! (*Mine came in January, you may have to wait for this one.)

Aerie - the underwear and dorm-centric side of American Eagle Outfitters (read - target market is GIRLS ages 17-24, who are sizes 00 - 14.) offers the A-List club - if you hit their store (Aerie only, not a regular American Eagle, but a side store that has it's own mall entrance) on a Thursday during your birth month you'll get a gift! (I wrote this up before actually getting my gift; I hear that it changes month - to - month.) ** The program has since changed, so instead of a free gift you get 15% off your purchase both in-store and on-line.

~ Arby's - free Swirl Shake with any roastburger sandwich purchase. (expires 14 days from date sent, minimum purchase of full price roastburger. Not sure if the freebie is also a swirl shake; seems to be an odd choice for December people but whatev's. Also, I can't tell what exactly it's swirled with so good luck.) (12/3)

~ Auntie Anne's - the "pretzel perks" club is for "V.I.P.s (Very Important Pretzel-lovers)" (<~All that was thought up by AA, NOT me.) but really, anyone can join. I receive coupons via email for BOGO's - a new one each month - and for my birthday I was sent a bogo as well. (*Stipulations - free item must be of equal or lesser value of paid item, not valid on dips, sauces or drinks.) AND it doesn't expire until the end of the month. (came on 12/3)

~ Aveda - I got a birthday card via snail mail for a free pure-blends product of my choice. I'm excited!!! (12/5) (Update - I went to collect and it was great. You get to choose one product between a lotion, body oil, bath salt, perfume and something else but you get to choose the scent and they *flavor* it right infront of you. Plus, just for going into the store you get a *cup of tea and if it's slow and your Aveda person isn't a total bitch you'll also get a hand massage.) ((*I starred the word cup because it was more like a shot glass and the flavor is mint and licorice, so, not for everyone.))

~ Aveda Pure Privilege - this is different than the above Aveda club - this is like an airline miles program, only for spa services. There is a one-time-fee of $10 to join but after you collect points from things like hair cuts, spa days and product purchases, you can redeem your points for cool things like vacations, more spa services and coupons for free pints of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. This is also how you get those AWESOME emails for their larger free samples. (The same ones that you sometimes see floating around on freebie websites - only if you're a member you won't have to worry about getting dirty looks from the staff because you're a member!) FOR your bday you'll get a card with some other free sample thing, as well as a certificate for triple bonus points on your next spa service. (Again, this is probably better if you actually get a lot of *work* done or you already visit an Aveda Salon or Spa.)

~ Banana Republic - 15% off my next purchase, valid online only (boo!). Valid the whole month (yay!) but cannot be combined with other offers. (12/1)

~ Baskin Robbins - Free scoop! It expires on the 15, so 10 days from when I got it. (12/5)

~ Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops - free single scoop. (present id, cert good for single scoop cup or cone) expires two weeks from date sent. sign up for the chunk-spelunker (not a dirty word, just a play on words because B&J love chunks in their ice cream and spelunker because that means exploring) email club here. (please do not email me yelling how the grocery store would not let you use this coupon on a pint, because it's only valid at scoop shops - so like malls, airports and strip mall locations.) (12/3)

~ Benihana - Free dinner (up to $30) for joining the "Chef's Table" club. Valid the whole month and again, good up to $30 on anything you order excluding alcohol and tax. (So, get the $17 or $22 chicken thing and then a few pieces of sushi.) There is a whole list of limitations, like one offer per table, only valid in 24 states (sorry, HI), must be at least 13, only applies to dine-in orders; if you spend less than $30 there will be no reimbursement, etc, blah blah blah. (12/4, but I also entered the wrong bday (?), so I'm sure that added a few days to the send time.)

~ BJ's Restaurant/Brewhouse - Free Pizookie!!! (AHHH!!! I love these so much - it's a cookie/brownie cooked in a small deep dish pizza pan and topped with vanilla ice cream - we usually get one as an appetizer, which is why we don't often go to BJ's.) There isn't any word of "buy one entree" or "spend this amount", so I'm going out for drinks and shall be eating a pizookie as well! (12/3)

~ Buca de Beppo - free dessert, exp's on jan 2, so a full 30 days after I got it. (must purchase one entree, not valid on dolce platter.) (12/3)

~ Chili's - free dessert (with purchase of any entree), expires on the 17th (so 14 days from date sent or a week after the day), good only in the continental US and does not exclude carry-out orders. (12/3)

~ Cold Stone Creamery - a free Cold Stone Creation AND a $3 off any cake coupon. Expires one week from my birthday. (Downer? I have to log into their site to print both, which means that I have to remember a password and I definitely don't.) It seems like in the years past it wasn't good for a creation, rather a single flavor and one mix in or topping, so this program has improved. (12/3)

~ - did you know that Crayola is a combination of the french (maybe?) words for chalk and art oil? A little bar trivia for you later. Anyway, they sent me an e-card and a 15% off coupon to be used in their online store. (I know, I can't print it out to make $1 box of crayons $.85. boo.) (12/6)

~ CVS. I have a registered reward card so I received a coupon for $2 off my next purchase. (Which, as we all know, $2 will go a long way at CVS.) ((CVS stands for Customer Value Store, for those who wanted more trivia.)) (12/10)

~ Dairy Queen - BOGO 16oz Blizzard. (14 days from date sent, and when signing up you have to select which DQ you'll visit.) (12/3)

~ Dickey's Barbecue Pit - Join the "Big Yellow Cup Club" (the soda cups are massive, and yellow, so when you purchase a soda you get to keep the cup. You know a true dickey's fan when you go over to their house/apt/whatever and their main supply of cups are from Dickey's.) and on your bday you will get a BOGO sandwich email. Expires 14 days from date sent, must have ID, free sandwich must be of equal or lesser value of purchased one. (this would make a good to go deal.) (12/5)

~ DSW - I received an email for $5 off my total purchase, no minimum listed. (But lets be honest now, how often have you ever spent under $5 in a shoe store?) The offer is good the whole month of my birth so that is another generous offer. Also, you can combine up to 3 DSW certificates at once, so if you have been buying from them all year and accumulating points, then you can use 2 more rewards certs with the $5 bday one. (12/1)

~ Firehouse Subs - they used to offer a birthday mail out for a free sub, but as of July 1, 2010 the program changed to where you just need to flash your id on your bday to get the free medium sub. (Which is a good thing, because I finally got my free sub card in March.) If you still want to get on a mailing list with them, click here, and you'll get a cert. for a free drink with your next sub purchase.

~ Fox and Hound - (which also operates Bailey's Sports Grille, which we don't have in Dallas but I'm reading about online, so if you don't have one, maybe you have the other?) Free entree with purchase of another at equal or greater value. Offer expires 14 days from date sent. (I literally signed up for this one two days ago, too.) (12/5)

~ Fuddruckers - Free 1/3 lb burger (but in smaller print below it says "burger, entree, sandwich or salad up to $8 in value" - which is great because if you don't like burgers then you have a choice.) - limit one per guest, expires 14 days from day sent, need to show ID. (12/3)

~ Genghis Grill - sign up for Khan's Club and get a free bowl at lunch or dinner. There are some exclusions, but a free meal is still pretty sweet. I received the email a full two weeks before and it's good for up to a week after my actual day. Pretty sweet indeed. (go here for locations) (11/27)

~ Godiva Chocolatier - not exactly a birthday freebie, but if you're going to be at the mall, then stop by and collect your monthly free piece of chocolate. (They also offer other nice perks with this program.) ((Also, it's pronounced "guh-dive-uh", NOT "go" *pauseofbreath* "diva".))

~ Great American Cookies - free slice of cookie cake! (expires two weeks from date sent, valid only at participating locations - must select fav location when signing up and that verifies if said location accepts coupon.) (12/3)

~ HomeMadeSimple - (The section of P&G who are behind those coupon booklets for products like swiffer and fabreeze) sent me an e-card. (Thanks, Guys!) (12/1)

~ Houlihan's - a free entree, and it doesn't appear that there are any other strings attached. I have two weeks from my bday to use it and standard rules - dine in only, one coupon per table, bring ID, etc etc. You do have to pick your favorite location when signing up for the club and that is the location listed on the print out, but I'm sure if you wanted to use it at another location and you called ahead of time they will "do you a solid" 'cause it's your birthday. (can you tell I've never used that phrase before in my life?) (12/6)

~ Jack in the Box - now, this is a place of which I normally do not frequent, unless a friend decides she needs a Breakfast Jack at midnight (A) or a certain boyfriend needs to pee. But, I do belong to the Secret Society of Cool People (click the words "sign up" on the left side of the screen) and as a member I received a coupon for a free dessert - either a "chocolate overload cake" (it looks like a baby chocolate bunt cake drizzled in chocolate sauce and is hopefully served warm and with a defibrillator) or a slice of "New York Cheesecake" (which just looks like cheesecake). No other purchase necessary, present coupon when ordering and show ID. Interestingly enough, there is no expiration date on this one. (12/10)

~ La Madeleine - email for free pastry. Expires two weeks from date sent, must show ID, no other purchase required. (12/3)

~ Lancome - yes, the make-up and skin care people - sign up here to create an account; my birthday "gift" is a skincare sampler collection that I will receive when I enter the given code on my next $35 purchase which can be made up to the end of my birth month. (12/3)

~ Maggiano's - $10 off any check of $30 or more. (Which is easily done at Maggiano's.) One certificate per table, dine-in only, expires 30 days from date sent. (12/3)

~ Marble Slab Creamery - free regular cone (I hope it includes ice cream! harharhar) and $3 off a cake (wait, I feel like I've seen this offer already). (Expires 14 days from date sent, mix-ins not included.) Join the marble mail club here. (12/3)

~ Origins - $10 off my next $25 online purchase. (Read, not valid in-store.) Place order by the end of January (so, month and a half, two month window); AND free shipping with an order over $75. (12/10)

~ - free 6 oz. "vanilla birthday cake" shampoo/shower gel/bubble bag with my next order of $15 or more. (I'd rather save my $15 and shipping costs and get a $16 full sized bottle at Sephora, but birthday freebies are birthday freebies!) The code is good for like, 3 months though, so I have a while to deliberate on what I should purchase. (12/10)

~ Qdoba - BOGO entree (the free one must be of equal or lesser value of paid entree.) Expires two weeks from date sent. (12/3)

~ Quiznos - join the qclub (I did not see that coming) and you'll get a free cookie. (They even made it a point to mention it in THREE separate places that if I ask they'll heat it up for me in their oven.) It looks like there is no other purchase necessary ... but you will have to select a specific store and redeem only a that location. (12/10 - day of birth)

~ Red Robin - Free Gourmet Burger (of my choice!) - offer may only be printed and used once, only one coupon per table, except for families with multiple bday's in a two week period. Dine-in only, not good with any other offers, discounts or promotions; must present ID; expires 14 days from date sent. (12/3)

~ Schlotzsky's - free small "the original" sandwich (expires a week after, please bring ID, non-transferable; multiple uses of coupon would have me kicked out of the "Bun & Fun club"; not valid with any other offer, meal deal, combo meal or kids meal.) and it appears that I don't have to buy anything else ... unless I want chips and a drink. (12/3)

~ Sephora - As a beauty insider I received an email to pick up my gift a full two weeks before my birthday; I also have until the 23rd, or two weeks after the day, to pick it up so if there is too much going on I have a very generous window and I love that they are allowing that. *Valid only at Sephora stores, IE, cannot be picked up at the Sephora inside JCPenny's. (11/27) (PS - the gift changes every year.)

~ Sonny Bryan's - I hate barbecue - I hate the fatty meat, the sauce, the need to serve it with sides the size of meals themselves - but I CANNOT get ENOUGH of Sonny Bryan's. This place is nationally ranked, they have 9 metro local's (and have even started to franchise - who has $750K and wants to show New York or Boston a good time?) AND this is THE PLACE Rachel Ray comes for some authentic Dallas BBQ when she's in town. ANYWAY - sign up in the bottom left-hand corner and you'll get an email for a free combo in celebration of your bday. (Received 12/3, expires 7 days after bday.)

~ Souper Salad - free lunch of dinner buffet - dine-in only, beverage not included, not valid with any other offers. This one doesn't expire until January 9th ... so like, 5 weeks! Score. (12/3)

~ Smoothie King - bogo 20 oz smoothie. Join the Kingdom here. (12/4)

~ Texas de Brazil - Complimentary dinner (with purchase of full price dinner, not valid on Saturdays, one cert per table; Alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, desserts, tax, gratuity, salad and children prices not included.), expires on 1/2 - so a full month after I received it. (12/3)

~ Texas Roadhouse - Free appetizer or sidekick of *ribs. (*ribs added to your meal - so say you order a salad or 20 pound steak, you can add some ribs to it.) One free app or side with purchase of one adult entree, combo app is excluded. Dine-in only, one cert. per table. Must redeem within 5 days of birthday, ID required, must present whole printout. (12/5)

~ Victoria's Secret - I received a "$10 off any purchase" card via snail mail. I'm assuming that because I get their emails and catalogue that's where they got my bday info, but I am always in that store (they have the best freebies year-round) so maybe that also helped? This came before Thanksgiving, but my day is surrounded by holidays so I'm not sure if this is a standard time or not. (11/25)

~ Vocalpoint - So, with all seriousness this is what I was thinking: "An email from Vocalpoint? Yay! I love all of the stuff they send me; the media kits, the generously sized sample products, the high value coupons, they are really going to treat me well and make my unforgiving bday worth while." ... then I opened the damn email. There are 3 "tips" - one is to make my own "creme fraiche" (or "freedom mousse" for those of us who are still American), one about pampering myself ("draw a bath, light a few candles and smear an avocado/honey mixture on your face" - seriously? It's my birthday, I wasn't just stood up from the prom.) and the last is letting me know how I can get into a free yoga class - by calling around to see who offers a free first class. (You do have to be a member of Vocalpoint, and they are pretty picky when it comes to accepting people; since they are a marketing research company owned and operated by P&G they may rule you out if you live in a certain area, are of the certain age or occupation as current "members", or if you have a little too much penis.) ((But even if they reject you, I literally just told you what all the email contained ... so just email me if you'd like the cream fry-shae recipe.)) (12/10)

~ Wendy's - woohoo! Have you seen that movie "waiting", where the WT couple goes into the restaurant for the wife's birthday and the husband orders for her and he's all "hell, she can have a soda, it is her birthday" ... this feels kind of like that. (Although Wendy is a hot and fiery red-head.) ((20 bonus points to anyone who got "The Office" reference.)) ANYWAY, join Wendymail and you'll get coupons from time to time as well as a $1 off any "premium combo meal" coupon on your birthday. (12/10)

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