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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Free Uno -- With Possible Overage!!

Check out your stores selection of Uno card games the next time you have an extra minute or two to kill - there is a $5 coupon inside specially marked packs that doesn't expire until the end of June and is good on the following Mattel Card games: Skip-Bo, Pictionary, Whac-a-mole, Blink and Mad Gab AS WELL AS the Thomas the Tank version of Uno, Toy Story Uno and regular 'ol uno.

Now, the coupon IS INSIDE THE PLASTIC WRAP around the top deck -- it's yellow and the barcode will be facing you -- but that doesn't mean that some people won't take a q and then ditch the deck. (The top of the box should have one of those heavy duty tape circles on top - I'd move on if that looked even remotely broken.) ((I'd also open the pack to make sure the coupon is in there even if the tape were intact, but I'm just that person.))

I'm not sure about places other than Tar-get BUT my stores (I have about 7 that I frequent) sell the game for $4.92 right up to $5 even. I've already purchased a game, priced at $4.94, with a coupon and the "wonderful" pos system paused the transaction and gave the cashier a screen that said something to the effect of "if the item listed on the coupon is in the transaction proceed with check out" (so, in layman's terms "just push the 'OK' key and move on silly") so you should NOT have ANY problems with this one, folks! (I say should because there is always a chance that you'll get that one cashier who hates coupons and couponers OR the one who doesn't realize that the second screen has popped up and will go to scan six more of your coupons before they realize that everything has gone to hell.)


You could roll this offer - buying pack 1, then freeing the q to buy marked deck two using the coupon from 1, then buying deck 3 with the coupon from 2 and so on and so on; but then again how many decks of uno do you need? (I would think like, 4, max - one to play with, one as a spare, one for Grandma's house and then one to maybe decorate with - but then again we all saw that "Extreme Couponers" special. :-p)

Ok. That's all from me for now -- I PROMISE I'll get more *coupon fired up!* once more of this stupid wedding gets planned and my current stock starts to dry up.

Until next time, have a great day!!!