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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

JCP Sephora and free mascara

Sephora is a cosmetics and hair/body/beauty store from Paris and its great.

In 2007 they teamed up with JCPenny to add Sephora as a brand in JCP stores; they are still slowly rolling out and not every JCP will get one, but there are often deals and freebies for these locations (so not a regular Sephora but one inside a JCP) and much confusion abounds.

These lo-cal's are not "counters" as one would traditionally think or how other bloggers so describe them - like how Lancome and Clinique are set up - but rather they are almost "mini-stores" within a store; they all have at least 2 walls so the products can be displayed like an actual Sephora and its fairly obvious if your store has one or not as there is signage everywhere.

Anway, I took a picture yesterday when I went to claim a free sample of mascara - link! - and go here to find a location near you! (Remember, you're looking for the locations inside a JCP.)

(ps - if you're also in the DFW area, Stonebriar has two Sephora's - one in the JCP and an actual one in the full on mall.)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Johnson Soap Buddies JACKPOT

We're about to be overflowing in those super cute Johnson's Soap Buddies.

If your Target has their Catalina machines installed and running, buy the soap buddies three at a time - after you pay, a $2.50/3 Johnson's Product cat will pop out!

The best thing, this deal is ROLLING!!! (So when you go back to use the cat, another one comes out!)

The only three downsides I can see about this are you'll have to pay a little out of pocket (about $.41 - $.86 cents total depending on what your store charges), the cat is a MFQ so you can't stack it with the current prints we have and this will further deplete the store supplies if you already have trouble finding them.

YAY!!!!! I hope you have a GREAT DAY!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Barbie is turning 51 (and she still looks good) and just like last year, Mattel has turned out a new "Then and Now" edition of one of their most popular sellers - this year they've done 2010 spin on 1977's Super Star Barbie. Whats the best part? Mattel has partnered with all retailers who carry her to sell her for $3 NATION WIDE. But the catch is that it's just for this week only! I already purchased two so I can vouch that the $3 price is working. BUT you only have until the 13th - next Saturday - when stores get to bring her back their profit points.

For more info about it, head to the Barbie fanpage on facebook OR don't because for $3 you don't really need a reason to investigate further. Go!

:-) ~K

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

UPDATE time!

Sorry I have been MIA - I'm trying to gets me a J-O-B. In the mean time ...

I went to Target this morning and here is some of what I found:

Starkist Tuna on a Price Cut - The bigger pouch is 6.3 (maybe 6.2 or 6.0) oz and is now $1.83 and the smaller 2.3 oz is now $.94 cents. If you're a member of Vocal Point, log in and check out the "Try and Tells" section of either the home page or the "food and recipes" section. (Or, click here) for a $1 off coupon to get the smaller pouch for free or the bigger one for $.83!

SOME boxes of Ortega "Grande Breakfast Kits" (to make breakfast tacos) have Target Store peelies for a free carton of eggs (to use while making the kit). The price of the kit is $3.59 (in the Dallas area) but there is a $1/2 ANY Ortega Products q in the Jan 24th Smart Source. If you buy the kit and use the coupon, look for any other item under $1 - the price you'll save from the coupon - like taco seasoning or else it won't be worth it to use the SS q.

Other things of note (that I didn't get pictures of)

There are a lot of clearance items in the Office Supply area - like tape and scissors and what not. I don't have a list of what is and isn't included nor do I have match ups; but if you find something that you like or you get a list together here is a link to the q's that are available at the 3M Scotch site and this one is for Post-It products.

Hope you're having a great day!