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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Come on down!

Alright, so this may be as close to "the price is right" as I'll ever get, but at least I don't have to make a silly t-shirt, fly to California, wait for hours outside and then not get picked.

What am I talking about? Target has a "fun" cg prize-wheel game thing where you spin (click) the wheel and try your luck at winning gift cards.

It's fine if you don't win, because your still entered into a drawing, but the BEST part, in my opinion, is that if you don't win (because that's how it always works, right?) you will get a coupon for a FREE Fountain Soda, valid on Black Friday and that next Saturday. Because when you've camped outside all night, you WILL for SURE need a soda.

AND, I'm just speculating here, as I don't work for Target and can't guarantee anything, but I would assume that there are other prizes mixed in that are better than a soda but not as cool as a super high value gift card.

Here is the link - good luck!

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