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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Board Game deals on BF

I'm all about games. Saving money is the best game of all, but there are times when you need to stay in with friends and take shots every time someone has to go down a chute.

That said, I've been scoping out the black Friday ads for the best prices on new games and guess what: I haven't seen other bloggers talk about these deals yet. What the what?!

Walmart will have Cranium marked down to $5 (holy cow!) and guess what - there is a $5 off coupon at (or something like that.) (This is priced around $24 at my Target.)

Walmart will also have the picturika flipper game priced at $15 - there is a $5 off coupon on the same web site.

Target will have the "Game of Things" at $17 and the same coupon site has a coupon that will let you walk out the door with it for $12.

Connect 4X4 (the new, 4 person wonky version) will also be on sale for $12 - if you still have the coupon for $5 off (I spent mine on the travel size game) then you can get it for $7.

I'm so excited about black Friday - you know the new commercials with the two target sisters ... is it bad that the over zealous lady reminds me of both A and myself?

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