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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Studio Movie Grill

I love going to the movies during the week, but sometimes its hard to squeeze everything AND a movie in before bed time.

Enter the Studio Movie Grill, where you can eat real food (that doesn't suck!) AND watch a first run movie at the same time. Oh, and they have a full bar. During the month of October, all shows Monday - Thursday are only $5 per person (vs the normal $9.75) AND there are daily specials:

~ Monday - $2 off Marg's (frozen and on the rocks.)
~ Tuesday - $2 off 14oz Draft Beer; $2 off Burgers (excludes kids burgers)
~ Wednesday and Thursday - All You Can Eat Pizza ($9.49 a person) ((The best thing about this deal, it includes all of these really great speciality pizzas, not just cheese and pepperoni. AND, a pizza off the regular menu is more expensive than the all you can eat pizza. Love it!))

There are 5 locations in the Dallas area (Sorry Fort Worth) and 2 in Houston.

Have fun, and let us know what you saw!!


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