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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

November Monthly Gifts

Sorry about the title, I'm trying to work on a better pun, I promise. But have you seen all the coupons in the latest issues of your favorite glossy?

Sure, we all know about All You, the magazine that sells exclusively at Walmart (which in my opinion is really the only reason to go there) or online and is FILLED with coupons, but have you started to notice how many *actual* magazines are also starting to carry coupons and savings cards these days? (*I really don't mean to offend anyone by discrediting All You ... but it is very strange to me that all of the articles are the same as what you can find in Woman's Day or Martha Stewart, and when you go to cut a coupon out, you also take a part of the article from the back-of-the-page with you, leaving the article un-readable. Shouldn't they lay out their ad-space a little better?)

Anyway, here's what I've found - what about you?

Nov. Rachel Ray - purchased off the news-stand.
  • 20% any single item at Bed Bath and Beyond; found on page 51 and expires on 12/14.

Nov. O - purchased off the news-stand.

  • 15% off total purchase at Eddie Bauer; good in-store, online and catalog (includes free shipping too!) found on page 61 and expires on Nov 15. (Online code = OPRA09NOV and Phone = J795) (Sign up to be an Eddie Bauer "Friend" and get points, learn more)
  • $30 off $100(+) purchase at Coldwater Creek; Found on page 163 and expires on Nov 30. (Mention code NKA9449 for online or phone orders.)
  • Plus 2 perfume sample pages

Nov. Better Homes and Gardens - purchased off the news-stand

  • $5 off any $25(+) purchase at True Value Hardware Store. Found on page 33 and expires on December 7.
  • $1/2 packages (8oz+) of Keebler Club Crackers - page 71, expires 11/30
  • $30 off $100(+) at Coldwater Creek; valid online, over the phone or in-store; Found on page 73 and expires on Nov 30 (Online and phone code - NKA9425)
  • Page 153 has details about a mail-in freebie - 2000 "readers" who purchase one or more featured products and mail in their original in-store or online receipt will receive a Free Cosmetic Bag filled with samples and coupons from L'Oreal Paris, Curel, Jergens and SleepRight.
  • $7 off any 8lb or Larger bone-in Half Ham from the Honeybaked Ham Co; Found on page 179 and expires on December 31st.
  • $.75/1 Dole Frozen Fruit (bag?) - Found on page 198C (???) and expires on March, 31st 2010.

Nov. Marie Claire - subscription

  • free sample of Vaseline Sheer Infusion on page 88
  • $3 off any Olay hand or body lotion AND a BOGO Free Olay hand or body lotion (max $6 value) both found on page 147
  • Plus 2 perfume page samples (score!)

Nov. Real Simple - purchased off the news-stand. (I also used a $1.25 coupon as found here)

  • 15% off total purchase at Eddie Bauer (plus free shipping if used on catalog or Internet orders); found on pg 54, exp 11/15. (Make sure to sign up for Eddie Bauer's "friend" program. Find out more here!) ((The Internet code is Real09Nov; the phone code is J777))
  • $3 on one Olay hand and/or body lotion; BOGO Free Olay hand and/or body lotion (up to a $6 value); found on page 63, exp 12/31
  • 15% off at Children's Place; found on page 67 and expires on 11/17. Internet code is REAL99
  • 20% one item at Bed Bath & Beyond (valid in-store only) found on page 111, expires 12/14
  • $30 off your $100(+) purchase at Coldwater Creek; found on page 153 and expires 11/30
  • Free $25 gift card at the Container Store when you purchase *$100 in gift cards; offer available in stores and online, starts Oct 23rd and ends Dec 24th; found on page 157. (*you have to buy $100 in gift cards but it doesn't all have to be on one card. Also, if you're like me and shop there all the time, then buy a $100 card, KEEP IT FOR YOURSELF, get the $25 and gift that to someone ... or also keep it for yourself.)
  • $25 off your $100(+) purchase at J.Jill; found on page 167 and expires on 11/30. (Internet and catalog code - Real25.)
  • $1 off 1 Glade air care product TARGET COUPON; expires 3/31/10 and found on page 177.
  • $7 off Any Bone-in Half Ham (8lb or higher) at The Honeybaked Ham Company; found on page 275 and expires on Dec 31st. (I also hear that there is a $10 off coupon here.)
  • 40% off your entire order at Expressionery when you use the code rsholiday at checkout. Expires January 31st, found on page 321.
  • $1 off an issue of Real Simple - found on 329 and expires Dec 21. (I don't think it can be used on subscriptions.)
  • PLUS, these 5 coupons on page 69 and 5 more on 195 - all are valid only when also purchasing a copy of Real Simple - (pg 69:) Save $2 on Eucerin Calming Body Wash; $2 on Fruit2day 2-pack; $2 on any size International Delight (doesn't specify if that means coffee or the creamer); $2 on Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin; $2 when you buy M&M's Premiums.; (pg 195) $2 on 1 Nestle Toll House (no product specification); $2 on Quilted Northern Ultra Plus (no size requirement!); $2 on Truvia natural sweetener (no size listed); $2 on Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice; $2 on General Foods International (again, coffee? creamer?) All expire on Dec 21. and should all probably be used together as to not have to purchase multiple copies of the magazine. Also, all are coupons for the particpating products in the Real Simple Holiday Rewards Rebate. (Question - what if you already subscribe to Real Simple? What if you've already bought a current copy? Answer(s) - buy one for a friend who you think may really like the mag OR the friend who always borrows yours but never returns it. RS also produces several special publications throughout the year that you can find on most Magazine Stands (think in the book dept, not at the register) like "Real Simple: Weddings" or "Real Simple: Family" and "Real Simple: Cooking". They are more expensive, like, $12, BUT are FULL of tips, tricks and GREAT ideas that you look at and go "I can do that." and the more common "Why didn't I think of that?" Don't forget to use the "all you" coupon when you purchase your copy!)


Anonymous said...

You are such an amazing writer! You should do something in journalism!! I love you!!

Start Out Saving said...

Awe, I love you too, random internet person! I actually have a degree in journalism, and if I didn't know better i'd say that you were my mom nagging me to use it. :-P But thanks for the props, it made my day!