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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free bra-fitting = Free Lipgloss

Victoria's "Secret" is that she likes to give her stuff away. Like, all the time. And not just the stuff that she's used and is now bored with and is going to sell in a garage sale for a dollar, or things that she purchased four years ago but forgot about until she found in the back of a drawer a week ago. But like her brand new stuff that she just bought. (I suspect that her husband is very rich.)

If you're not on their email list yet, you should be now. Especially since I'm providing the links to do so. Go here for emails, here for catalogs and other mailings (like discounts and freebies) and here for PinkNation.

Anyways, like I was saying, I constantly get emails about freebies from Vickie and the one I got today was "get a free lip gloss when you receive a bra fitting" ... which are also complementary. So, in other words, free lip gloss for having some chick borderline feel you up? Yes please!

(Offer expires Nov. 15th. So hit a lot of VS's and stock up.)


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