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Friday, August 6, 2010

Sign-Up Freebies

We all know about the loyalty programs that offer a free *something* on our birthday, but what about all the times when it's not our bday and we just want a special, free treat?

I'm in the process of signing up my parents for EVERY bday promo I can find and I realized that no one has made a cohesive list of all the free things you get JUST for signing up for loyalty programs. So I am going to try. (Right now I have listed places that that may or may not be specific to just the DFW area. If you find any more let me know and I'll list them!)

Tips: 1) space these out when signing up, just to give yourself more than 10 days to collect on all of them. 2) you will get tons of email from these places, so go here and make up a new "freebie" email as to not get advertised to death in your real email. AND 3) don't forget to enter your bday if they ask!!!

Ready? Go!


Abuelo's - Free Entree on your next Visit. (Eclub!)

AMF Bowling - $5 off PER PERSON up to four people. (not sure if it's per game or just one game.)

Applebee's - Free Appetizer

Arby's - Join Arby's Extras and get an email for a free offer; Mine was for a free Regular Roast Beef Sand which when you buy a drink. (Expires 7 days from date sent; You can only view it once so make sure you are ready to print when you open the offer.)

AuntieAnnes - Join "Pretzel Perks" and get a BOGO coupon; expires 2 weeks from sign-up date.

Aveda - Make an account here and you'll get an instant "thank you" in the form of a printable offer that you can redeem in an Aveda store. (note, not all salons participate because not all are company owned. find a location here and call before you go. Also note, The "Aveda Stores" will always accept them, like Stonebriar, Willow Bend, NorthPark and the institute across from NorthPark.)

Ben & Jerry's - (please note that this is for the scoop shops, not for pints at the store.) - sign up here and you'll get an email for a FREE single scoop in either a cup or a cone. Yum!

Bone Daddy's - join the VIP club here and get an email for a free appetizer. (4 locations - Arlington, Austin, Dallas and Grapevine.)

Brio Tuscan Grille - join here for a complimentary appetizer.

Buca di Beppo - sign up here and you'll get a free small appetizer.

Caribou Coffee - sign up here and get an email for $1 off any larger "Wild" Beverage and free shipping on an online order over $40.

Carino's - sign up (at the bottom of the main page) and get an email for 1/2 off any entree.

Carrabba's - Complimentary Appetizer!!! (FYI, I'm typing this at 1:30 in the am and now I'm jonesing for the calamari that is pictured in this email that I can't have because they are closed. And I should be in bed.)

Chili's - join here and get an email for free Chips & Queso.

Chuck E. Cheese - (BAR TRIVIA!!! Did you know that the E. stands for Entertainment? Fun!) Ok. Sign up here and you'll get an email with 4 coupons - one for a large 1 topping pizza, 4 drinks and 30 tokes for $19.99; the 2nd is for a Large 1 topping, 1 Medium cheese, 4 soft drinks and 35 tokens for $29.99; the 3rd is for 100 tokens for $15; and the last is for 175 tokens for $25.)

Corner Bakery - get an email for a free cookie, no other purchase necessary!

Cotton Patch - join the e-club here and you'll get an email for a free appetizer.

Dairy Queen - Join the Blizzard Club here and you'll get an email for a BOGO 12 or 16 oz blizzard.

Dave and Busters - join HERE and get an email for $10 in free game play. (coupon for free play expires 30 days from date of registration.)

Denny's - join the rewards club here and get an email for 20% off your entire check.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit - Join the Big Yellow Cup club here and you'll get an email for a free drink, no other purchase necessary. (These things are huge. Also fun? Add Ice Cream to the cup before you get your drink. Just sayin'.)

Dippin' Dots - join the "Forty Below Zero Club" and you'll get an email for 10% off AND a free Mug OR cell phone charm with your first online order. (who orders dippin dots online?)

Einstein Brothers - sign up here and get an email for a BOGO breakfast or lunch sandwich.

El Fenix - sign up here and get an email for a BOGO entree!!

Firehouse Subs - They changed the way they offer Birthday Subs (now just present your photo id instead of waiting for a card in the mail) BUT join their email newsletter program and get a coupon for a free Large Fountain Drink or Bottled Beverage with purchase of any sub.

Fish City Grill (AND Half Shells) - Join here (for fish city) and here (for half shells) and you'll get an email for $5 off your next visit.

Fox and Hound (also Bailey's Sports Grille) - Join the Pub Club here and get an email for a free app.

Fuddruckers - join Club Fudd and get an email for a 1/3lb Burger, Fries and a soft drink for $7 flat.

GAP Inc. - sign up here and you can subscribe to Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Piper Lime updates, alerts and offers all in one swoop. (just make sure you select what you want to hear about - so don't check baby gap if you don't care about baby gap.) ((*you'll get an instant free shipping offer from Banana, same thing with Gap, a $ off when you spend $X at Old Navy and free shipping from Piperlime.))

Great American Cookies - join here and you'll get an email for a BOGO regular cookie.

Houlihan's - click here and get an email for a free appetizer.

Joe's Crab Shack -Join and you'll get an instant email for a free appetizer.

La Madeleine - get a free cup of soup or a small salad - just for signing up!!!

Malls - Ok. This one is tricky. Go to this page to find your favorite GGP property and this one to find a mall owned by Simon. These are the two main players, as together they own and opperiate more than 70% of the shopping centers in this country. Anyway, find a mall that you frequent (or two or three) and sign up (in your junk email, because they WILL email you, about every super big and very small sale) for that malls club or eblast or whatever they've named it; you should find something about it on that malls "page", which is linked off of the propriety site. I can't guarantee that you'll get something from every mall (or malls) you do choose, but I got an email for "a free $10 gift card when I spend $75 from Stonebriar", so there's at least that. (And if you don't find your favorite shopping haunt on one of those pages, google - or *bing* - it and I'm sure with a little surfing you'll find some place to enter your email on that centers website.)

Marble Slab Creamery - B1G1 Ice Cream Combination. (Expires 2 weeks from sign-up.)

Maggiano's - sign up and get $10 off your next meal. (bottom right of the main page.) Click HERE to fill in more info, like an anniversary and bday and stuff.

The Melting Pot - join "Club Fondue" and you'll get an email for a free pot of chocolate fondue.

Mimi's Cafe - FREE breakfast entree (with purchase of another entree.) ((*3 area locations, Allen, Arlington and Grapevine.)

Mooyah - dallas/fort worth people - what is up with the EXPLOSION of burger joints poppin' up as of late? I'm not saying I hate it, but I am saying that I haven't consumed this much beef in a while. Anyway, this one is a text-message only kind of deal, and you can only be "connected" to one location to get their specials and deals and what not. Opt in by texting "MOOYAH" to 89686 and then you'll get a text saying something along the lines of selecting your fav location. SO, if you love the location by work, enter that one, but know that those deals can't be applied to the location by your church/house/mall/gym, etc. I'm not sure how often they'll text you, but I'm sure never more than 4 times a month AND you can always opt out at anytime.

On The Border - join here and get an email for free Queso or Sopapillas.

Outback Steakhouse - join Outback Rewards and get an email for a free "Aussie-Tizer" (I see what they did there) when you buy two entrees.

Papa Murphy's - go here and look for the "eClub" box near the bottom left; fill in your info and once you confirm the email, in the 2nd window confirmation screen you'll be able to print a B1B1 half off coupon. (expires two weeks after sign up.)

Patrizio's - click here to sign up; get an email for a free appetizer.

Philosophy - create an account here and you'll get a free gift with a purchase of $25 or more.

Qdoba - sign up here and you'll get an email for free chips and salsa.

Quiznos - join the Q-Club and get an email for $2 off a regular or large sub.

Raising Cane's - *this one requires you to get a membership card* Step 1 - go to an RC, get a "Caniac Club" Card. (Totally free, you don't even have to order anything. Just run in or drive through.) Step 2 - Go home (or the office, but you can't do it from your iPhone, because I tried it) and REGISTER your card HERE. AS SOON AS YOU'RE done, you will see an offer for a FREE Box Combo! (That's 4 fingers, fries, slaw, bread AND a DRINK. Not too shabbs for the extra work.) Don't forget to hand your card over every time you buy a combo - for every 10 stamps/points/punches/combos purchased you'll get another FREE box combo!

Red Hot and Blue - sign up here and get an email for a free prok barbeque sandwich.

Red Robin - join here and get $3 off your next purchase.

Romano's Macaroni Grill - enter your email address on the bottom of the homepage and you'll then go to a second page where you fill in the rest of your info. Once you confirm your email subscription (via an email) you'll get a SECOND email with a coupon for $5 your next purchase of 2 Entrees. (expires a month from sign up.)

Ruby Tuesday - join the "So Connected" club and get an email for a BOGO entree, up to $10. (expires two weeks after sent.)

Schlotzskys - Join the "Bun and Fun" club you'll get an email for a ___ but be careful!!! They have one of those fancy email stalker things that only lets you view the offer once, so if you don't print it right then, then you're out of luck.

Smoothie King - join "The Kingdom" and get an email for a BOGO 20oz Smoothie!

Souper Salad - join the Souper Fresh Club (click the bird) and you'll get an email for 20% off a Lunch of Dinner Buffet.

The Spaghetti Warehouse - Sign up here and you'll get an email for a free appetizer.

Sonny Bryans - enter your name, email address and DOB in the lower left-hand "email sign up" box on the main page and after submitting you'll be redirected to a confirmation page; that page will list a coupon for 25% off your first ONLINE order meant for TAKEOUT. (PS - if you ever plan to visit Dallas you HAVE to stop by this place for authentic Dallas BBQ. It's been around forever - the original is here and this is where Rachel Ray goes to get her meat kick when she's in town.) *Update* About 8 days after I signed up I got an email for their "monthly offering" which was for a FREE entree! So even if you can't use the online take out offer, still sign up with them as you'll get something FREE monthly!!!

Sweet Tomatoes (and/or Souplantation) - sign up for Club Veg and get an email for b1g1 half off.

Texas de Brazil - sign up here for the club and you'll get an email for 25% off of your full price dinners. (but not your water or soda. sorry.)

Texas Roadhouse - sign up here to become a Texas Roadie VIP and you'll get an email for a free appetizer.

Victoria's Secret Pink Nation - "Pink" is the collection/brand targeted to college age girls BUT anyone can join. Go here and sign up to get a freebie - the offer changes every 6-8 weeks but in the past it's been things like free panties, body lotion, tank tops (valued at $19!!), tote bags, bracelets, etc. Usually you do have to make a purchase first, but look for inexpensive things, like clearance and sale items, travel sized lotions OR lollipops (yes, the candy - still counts and is priced at $1) BUT from time to time it's just a straight out free item. Make sure to fill in your bday AND physical address when signing up because you'll get mailings for MORE offers - like money off your next in store or online purchase AND MORE FREE panties, often times at No Purchase Necessary! (I know I'm talking too much about this but whatever.) OFTEN TIMES there will be in-store specials - like a free pair of panties or tote bag or flip flops - with any Pink purchase that also with work WITH these printable coupons; you could literally walk in there, buy a lollipop, use the printable coupon for the free whatever AND get the in -store promo, NO questions asked! (last one and I'm done.) And this is from my personal experience and may be a gray area - You don't need a vaild email address to sign up. The coupon appears after you first sign up - so you don't need to go check your email for the offer; so in the future if you see a coupon that says "for new members only", just make up a fake email when registering and you'll get the new offer! But shh! Don't let the cat out of the bag too loudly or else they may go and change this on us. (PS - thanks to this program I haven't purchase underwear outright in Lord knows how long.)

Wendy's - sign up for Wendy Mail (do you think that's a play on e-mail?) and instantly get a coupon for $1 off a premium burger.

Which Wich - Join their "Vibe Club" and get an email for a free regular 'wich when you purchase a large fountain drink.

World Market - join here and get a $10 off your next $30 printable. Yay!


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