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Monday, June 7, 2010

Nabisco Facebook Cookie Coupon Rant

A lot of people are pretty *p*i*s*s*e*d* about the new rules to the Nabisco facebook cookie coupon - now you have to buy one pack of cookies, one gallon of milk AND another thing of milk to get the free pack.

I'm just one person and occasionally the boy will drink milk with me but I can't get enough of this coupon. I specifically buy milk around this coupon and while I know that it can't be that way for everyone, here is what I have to say. (Take that, complainers!)

1) I understand that the new inclusion that can be hard for some - but the second thing of milk stipulates that it can be ANY size - so go for a single serve bottle or juice-box size container, which often sell for around a $1. AND there are so many coupons for them - both Hershey's and nestle quick have $off q's out there to sweeten the deal.

2) Yes, you have to buy a gallon - but it can be any kind of milk. Chocolate, soy, almond, strawberry, organic.

3) AND the coupon doesn't say "buy one 1-gallon of milk" - it says "buy one gallon of milk". Semantics? Yes. Loopholes? Hell Yes! I purchase one HALF gallon of Horizon Organic Skim (for me) and one HALF gallon of Chocolate milk for the boyfriend (who is 25 going on 7). And since this is a manu q from Nabisco it doesn't beep due to my splitting it up that way because NABISCO DOESN'T MAKE, MANUFACTURE, or even SELL it's own brand of milk. Last month I accidentally only purchased one half gallon of milk (I swear I put the damn chocolate in the cart, really I did) and it still went through just fine. I'm not condoning coupon fraud - and I really don't feel too badly about it because the milk I buy is 3X more expensive than normal milk - but still; the Q won't beep because it's not coded for every single brand, variety, flavor and size of milk on the market - Nabisco just kind of puts us on the honor system and hopes that we're either honest or that the cashier catches everything.

4) I have soooooo many packs of cookies because I have two computers, so four coupons per month, that the thing I hate buying is the first pack to get the 2nd free. I'm always buying milk and I want the free cookies ... but what to do? Ready for this tip ... look at the coupon. It says buy any pack 4oz - 28oz, the buy the milk, then get a pack, 4oz - 28oz free. I buy a single serve pack of Oreo's or Animal Crackers or Chip's Ahoy! for around $1 and then I get a free pack of cookies.

5) You don't have to buy oreo's as either the one you're paying for or the one you're getting free. I don't know why everyone is confused by that - but it clearly states ANY Nabisco cookie. I go for the fig newtons personally, but I have 4 packs of those stocked as of now and I'm pretty sure that's more than I've eaten in the past 3 years combined.


If you're not like me in that you want the fancy-pants milk, do this. Buy 1 gallon of milk ~$2.50 (if you can wait for a sale.) + 1 other size milk ($1 - any coupons, if you have one) + $1 for the single size cup or bag = $4.50 and then you can get the biggest pack of cookies (up to 28 oz) for free. (tip: go to the lunchbox/individually wrapped aisle/section.)

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