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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free Reusable Shopping Bag at Target

Have you ever run into a store only needing a few things but you forgot your reusable bag(s)? Don't you hate it?

I hate buying more bags because I know i'll just end up forgetting about those too, but I really hate just staring at all of those plastic bags in the junk cabinet, just waiting for me to take them to be recycled. (... sooooo ... lazy ...) ((*my community doesn't have a recycling program; it'd be different if we had one of those bins that you put out with the garbage, because i'm not that lazy; but if I'm the one at the store re-buying more of those damn flimzy totes for $1 because I forgot mine at home you can be damn sure that i'm also the one driving around with a trashbag full of the plastic bags in my trunk because I keep forgetting to take them inside the store, to be dropped off to be recycled.))

SOOOOO here is a way to get a few for free.

Target is famous for having creative gift cards that are more than just plastic rectangles that hold a store balance. (I have one that is not only a picture of Barbie shopping in a SuperTarget, but it also came with a limited edition Barbie dress. I'm also 25 going on 7.) This gift card in question (can you guess where I'm going with this?) COMES with a somewhat small - yet really sturdy - reusable bag that once folded can be ziped up into itself (like an anorack pullover) and is the size of the gift card - perfect for keeping in a purse or possibly on a key chain.

How to get it for free? If you find them at your store (look for them by the greeting cards or makeup), buy the giftcard in a first transaction (put like, $1 or $5 on the card), then either go and shop or if you've already done so, just turn around and use both the bag and the gift card in a second transaction, much like how one would roll a Walgreens Register Reward or a CVS Extra Care Buck.

Is it worth it to go through the trouble? For some, not so much. For those hung up on freebies and these bags, sure. Just think, you'll also be saving the environment (one plastic bag at a time; although you'll eventually have to deal with the old gift card and the thing in which it comes ... hum ... ) BUT more importantly (for some) you'll get your nickel discount per bag. Score!

Happy Shopping!

PS - here is what the *free* bag looks like once unfolded; the cardboard holder said it can carry UP TO (so not all at the same time) two 2-liters of soda, four loafs of bread, 10 sticks of deodorant, etc etc etc. So again, perfect for light trips.

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