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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HOT Bath and Body Works Professional Skin Care Deal

Wow, could that title have been any longer?

While flippin' through the latest issue of Marie Claire (of which I have a free subscription; those who are skeptical of those "free magazine" offers should really reconsider) I found an ad and coupon for $10 off ANY Patricia Wexler Dermatology Purchase at *Bath and Body Works. (*in-store only.)

I don't know who Dr. Wexler is, but I've take up skin care as a new years resolution after seeing A's mom post-chemical peel. So if Wexlers "stuff" is cheap enough I'll try her fancy skin creams with no problem.

Here is the link to her page-of-products over at Bath and Body; The best part? There are 9 items that come out to $10 OR UNDER after the coupon, 4 of which come out to under $6!!!

Again, the coupon cannot be used online, and was found in the Feb issue of Marie Claire - but I'm sure will appear in other glossies shortly.

Oh, wait. There is still more. In case you don't want to buy a mag to save some cash, you can **text the word "Marie" to LUVBBW (588229) to get the offer sent to your mobile phone.

Offer valid now through feb. 28th.

Happy Shopping!


Important! If you decide to go the text coupon route, make sure not to delete the text; there should be a way on older, non-smart phones where you can go in and "lock" or "save" the message in your inbox permanently until you're ready to delete it. Since the cashiers don't need a tangible card or print-out to scan in order for you to save, you can literally use this offer OVER AND OVER again until it expires at the end of Feb, so if you find a product that you like you should have no problem being able to stock up on the cheap.

((**standard text message fees occur; check your current plan people. At AT&T a single text for those without plans is $.20 cents, whereas the cheapest plan is $5 a month and gets you 200 texts. If you still don't have text messaging - ahem, MOM - I HIGHLY recommend it as you will start to see more and more companies going in this tech-savvy savings direction.))

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