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Sunday, January 10, 2010

FREE Kashi at Target

Want to score a free box of Kashi at Target? Read on -

Kashi Go Lean Crunch is on sale (again) this week for $2.75 a box. We all know about the $.75 off printable Target coupon via their coupon page, which makes it $2 a box (which is still AWESOME) but if you go into the store and start really looking at the boxes of KGLC, like, dig to the back of the shelf as apposed to the ones smiling at you from the aisle, some of the boxes have a green peelie booklet attached to them that says something like "Eat Healthy; $4 off Kashi" and has the Target logo in the bottom right corner.

(If you can find one, the inside looks like the blue and green things in the picture below.)

The peelie is actually two coupons - the blue one is for $1 off ANY Kashi item; and the green one is for $3 off ANY two Kashi items - both of which are Manufacture and can be stacked with the current Target coupon.

You can buy the one full size box of cereal with the blue $1/1 mrf + $.75 Target coupon and get $1.75 off, which means you'll only pay $1 for the box of Kashi - which is pretty sweet.

OR you can use the green $3 coupon, stack it with the $.75 Target coupon (so you now have $3.75), get the $2.75 box of Kashi and a $1 cereal cup (on the same aisle, with all the single sized cups of cereal; you should have two choices - Kashi Go Lean Crunch or Kashi Healthy Heart) for $3.75.

If your store is out of single size cereal cups, look in the "protein bar/weight loss/dietary aid" aisle near the pharmacy - there should be a basket of individually wrapped "Kashi Go Lean Crunch" protein bars priced around $1.09 - $1.40. (Each store may vary.) Pair the full box of cereal with a $1.09 - $1.40 bar and you'll only pay $.09 - $.40 for both!

BUT, that's not all!

SOME Boxes of Kashi's granola bars have the same green peelie attached to them. I'm unsure of the price but they are usually around $2.75 - $3.25 for a 6 count box; they may be on sale since regular Kashi is BUT there is also a "$.50 off one 6-count-box" Target coupon on the target coupon page as well.

So, do the same thing! Find a box with the peelie - lets say it is $3.25 - you have $3.50 in coupons, buy a $1 cup or bar and you'll pay somewhere between $.75 and $1.15 for a box of granola bars and a cup of cereal!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! That blue $1 peelie that is good for ANY Kashi product that is left - is also good for ANY Kashi item - so there is ANOTHER free cup of cereal for you, or another $.09 - $.40 protein bar for you!

Important - There are NO size restrictions listed on either peelie coupon AND both A and myself have already done this and it works perfectly - no beeping!

Can't find a peelie in store? Look online - the picture in this post was actually copied from Ebay - and I hear that there are all sorts of other "coupon buying places" out there on the intertubes. (Which means that those people are stealing peelies. So maybe don't buy from them because doing so only shows them that there is a market for stealing peelies ... I don't know, it's very early.) The coupons don't expire until sometime in March so if you do go this route and you miss this promo I know for a FACT that there will be another good sale on this stuff between now and then.

I hope a lot of you are able to cash in on this and start the new year off right!


(Also, I said "Kashi" 16 times in this post. Have a great Sunday!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I did notice that there were many boxes with missing peelies, I was lucky enough to find just one box of cereal left with a peelie which was all I needed. Thanks for the tip. Its too bad people are selling these on ebay and taking them away from people actually buying the product.