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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Target to Start Catalina Promos!!!


Have you ever seen one of those segments on the news where some "coupon mom" (or dad) is at a grocery store and walks out the door with, like, 3 carts FULL of groceries for a nickel? Catalina's (the coupons that pop out of a receipt-like machine at check out) are a big part behind the magic to becoming a coupon queen and I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED to share with you what I got tonight when I went shopping at Target - THIS CAT (the "coupon" lexicon or nickname of "Catalina") explaining a SUPER PROMOTION where when you buy the items necessary/listed, you'll get a Catalina "thank you" from the manufacturer of the products in the form of MONEY OFF YOUR NEXT SHOPPING TRIP.

It's exactly like "Register Rewards" from Walgreens or CVS' "Extra Bucks", only these will be at TARGET!!!!

So, basically, buy the items needed (with coupons, of course), get the Cat for $$ off your next trip, SPEND it before it expires and the amount listed on your "thank you" cat will come off of your next shopping trip, regardless of what you buy!!!

Since the Target Cat program is still in its infancy, I'm going to assume that standard Kroger/Tom Thumb/CVS/Walgreens rules apply here in that you can only get one per transaction (so if you need to buy 5 items to get a cat for "$X off your next trip", don't buy 10 or 15 of those items because you will only get 1 Catalina; instead break your cart up into multiple transactions to get multiple cats. We'll also all have to learn as we go when it comes to "rolling" the cats, but for now I'm just too excited for words!!)

So for now, the only promotion I know about is the one listed on this tape in front of me BUT it reads "Buy Nature Valley Granola Bars between 10/4 and 10/31 and Save Up To $3.50 on a FUTURE TRIP with coupon." And then the totals are if you buy three (3) boxes, you'll get $1.50 coupon, buy four (4) and get a $2.50 q and lastly buy five (5) and get a $3.50 coupon off of your next shopping trip.


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