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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Don't you love it when life gets in the way? I'm sorry i've been MIA.

I started doing this blog because I'm like a lot of you - a lover of deals, bargains and free things. I'm just starting out in life (post-college and jobless - yay current economy!) so I needed to be savvy, but I tell you what, "couponing" has helped me save so much of the green that I don't have, that my 10' X 10' bedroom in my parents house is starting to look like a very organized episode of hoarders. (Plus I share some of my loot with the parentals so that helps spur their judgement.)

Anyway. This is my brief segway message into saying "I'm sorry that I suck because I don't post that often", my "I'm returning" post, BUT its also my promise to not pose as a super couponer by passing off every offer that comes across the other 800 thousand coupon/freebie/deal blogs daily as my own or by forcing you to look at them 900 times.

I just needed a hobby because daytime television is weak (sorry!) and employment applications are soooooooooo dull. (Unless you're a hiring manager looking over my resume right now, in which case, I really did enjoy your application.) Plus it'd be nice to put my PR degree to some use.

So, that's me in a gist and my purpose - I'm not doing this because I'm saving for Disney, putting 3 kids in a super elite private pre-school and I'm certainly not doing this because I want sponsorships from google. I just want to have fun, save and help you to do the same.

(Well, those reasons but also because a certain "coupon mommy" who is featured on a local AM news program is the worst. If my blog ever looks like hers - so jumbled and slurred and unedited and java-filled to the point where it takes 20 minutes to load, shoot me. Shoot me dead.)

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