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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Barbie is turning 51 (and she still looks good) and just like last year, Mattel has turned out a new "Then and Now" edition of one of their most popular sellers - this year they've done 2010 spin on 1977's Super Star Barbie. Whats the best part? Mattel has partnered with all retailers who carry her to sell her for $3 NATION WIDE. But the catch is that it's just for this week only! I already purchased two so I can vouch that the $3 price is working. BUT you only have until the 13th - next Saturday - when stores get to bring her back their profit points.

For more info about it, head to the Barbie fanpage on facebook OR don't because for $3 you don't really need a reason to investigate further. Go!

:-) ~K

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